Muneeb Butt: ‘Women Should Fear Their Husband’s Second Marriage, And Pamper Them’

The actor’s opinion on second marriage has irked the audience

aiman and muneeb butt

While promoting his new drama serial Baddua on Good Morning Pakistan, Muneeb Butt said something that irked the audience. The actor shared his opinion on second marriage and said that a woman should pamper and love her husband ‘out of fear’ that he might marry someone else.

Both Muneeb and his co-star Amar Khan were invited on Good Morning Pakistan to promote their latest drama serial Baddua. While sharing their fears for ‘baddua’ (curse), host Nida Yasir asked them if they fear anything other than curses.

Muneeb Butt reversed the question and asked Nida to share her fear. To this, Nida Yasir said,

“I’m afraid that my husband might get married for the second time.”

Sharing his view on second marriages, Muneeb Butt said,

“This fear is valid. Every woman should fear this, which is why they should pamper and love their husbands so that the thought of second marriage doesn’t appear in their minds.”

Here’s the clip:


Do you agree with him? While women should definitely love and care for their husbands, it shouldn’t be out of fear that their husbands might leave them and marry someone else.


Written by Munazza Mehmood

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