Nabeel Zafar Reveals He Married His Fan Who Once Asked For Autograph

Instead he signed Nikkahnama.

Renowned actor, producer, and director Nabeel Zafar made a surprising revelation about his personal life during a recent appearance on Dunya News’ well-known show ‘Mazaq Raat.’ While discussing various aspects of his career and personal life, Zafar candidly shared the unique story of how he ended up marrying a fan who initially approached him for an autograph.

According to Zafar, the fateful encounter took place at the Glasgow, Scotland railway station, where he and his now-wife first met. The intriguing twist in their story unfolded when the fan, expecting an autograph from the celebrity, ended up receiving a signature on their marriage certificate instead.

The actor, producer, and director provided an inside look into this unexpected turn of events during the popular television show, shedding light on the charming and unconventional beginning of his marital journey with a fan-turned-life partner.

Nabeel Zafar also shared memories of his most popular Pakistan Television (PTV) drama ‘Dhuwan’ and said his mother was actually depressed after seeing his death scene.

Taking about his comedy sitcom Bulbulay he said that actually by 2009, his financial condition was not stable and he was looking for other roles to support his family. The actor said that in the process of making money for children’s expenses, he first built his own production house and then made ‘Bulbulay’ on loan.


Facing further obstacles due to financial limitations, Nabeel took on the role of Nabeel himself in the drama. Eventually, he managed to sell the drama to a channel for a modest sum of one and a half lakh rupees.

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