Nadia Khan Faces Backlash For Making Fun of Sharmila Farooqi’s Mother

Watch the video clip that is making rounds on the internet.

Former morning show host and actress Nadia Khan creates quite a stir on social media. The clip of Nadia is currently making rounds all over the internet. In the video clip, Nadia is seen at a wedding function where she meets Anisa Farooqi, the mother of politician Sharmila Farooqi.

The 42-year-old showbiz host is currently has her own YouTube channel where she keeps fans in touch with her day to day vlogs. The video in question is part of her vlog as she interacts with Anisa Farooqi, whose makeup looks rather unconventional. However, it is common knowledge that Sharmila’s mother has been battling mental health issues. Thus, in order to make her feel better, Nadia Khan took to compliment Anisa on her makeup and style, check it out.

However, Nadia is face public criticism for making fun of Anisa Farooqi. Here are a few comments.

Nadia Khan is one of the most beloved figures in the showbiz industry. The former actress and iconic morning show is a household name nationwide. Fans love the energy and charming personality of Nadia who is very much in touch with her fans and followers. The morning show host made headlines in 2021 with her marriage to Faisal Rao. The Bandhan star is a mother of two sons and a daughter. The TV host is a wonderful mother to her children and has a special bond with her youngest son Kiaan.

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