Naseem Shah’s Emotional Moment Before Surgery Goes Viral

“Delete it”

DBTV Sports has come under fire for sharing a viral clip of young Pakistani fast bowler Naseem Shah crying and calling out to his late mother as he prepared for shoulder surgery in London.

The clip has left netizens deeply upset to see such a personal moment of the young pacer’s being spread around social media for views and likes. Fans demanded DBTV Sports to delete the video immediately.

The video shows Naseem Shah, heavily sedated, tearfully calling for his late mother while being comforted by the person recording the video. His mother had tragically passed away in 2019, during a period when Naseem made his international Test debut for Pakistan in Australia.

However, fans were upset to see such a vulnerable and private moment of Naseem Shah being recorded and spread online.

One user commented, “This is so wrong! Please give respect to someone’s privacy.”

Another wrote,

Wtf is wrong with y’all, Not everything is for reach and likes, stop invading his privacy, delete this as soon as possible.

On the bright side, Naseem has successfully undergone surgery on his shoulder, which lasted approximately half an hour, and was carried out by a specialist surgeon in UK’s capital. Doctors expect the 21-year-old pacer to make a swift recovery.

Post-surgery, Naseem Shah has been advised a recovery period of four to six weeks, during which he will focus on rehabilitation before resuming practice sessions.

Medical professionals involved in Naseem Shah’s treatment have expressed optimism about his swift recovery, attributing his young age as a significant advantage. Young athletes, like Naseem, often have a higher likelihood of quicker recuperation compared to their older counterparts.