Aima Baig Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles After Her Infamous Scandal

The pop star shared how her recent Umrah saved her from committing suicide.

Pop star Aima Baig revealed she nearly committed suicide after the public backlash she received from her infamous scandal with British model Taloulah Mair that led to her breakup with Shahbaz Shigri.

In a candid interview, the singer revealed her mental health problems in the face of the accusations and online hate related to her personal life.

Aima also shared how she felt Allah had  “summoned” her to perform Umrah, which saved her and gave her peace amidst the controversy.

Aima opened up about the dark chapter of her life when she faced a scandal that went viral, leading to an avalanche of online backlash and hatred. With remarkable courage, she disclosed,

I tried committing suicide. I didn’t want to live. Because, the kind of person I am, I am a very sensitive, soft-hearted person. It all happened during a stupid scandal that nobody knew [fully] about.

The relentless trolling and hate she endured not only took a toll on her own mental well-being but also deeply affected her family and close friends.

Aima candidly shared how her loved ones struggled to see her suffer in silence, saying,

It wasn’t just me who was receiving all the comments and hate; it was my brother, it was my dad, it was my sisters. And they were just pampering me. They wouldn’t even tell me, and I would take one look into their eyes and tell that they’re also suffering. My friends were suffering too.

Despite the darkness she faced during that period of her life, Aima also shared a transformative and healing experience that occurred during a religious journey to Umrah.

She described how she secluded herself in her room during those difficult days, but her father’s invitation to perform Umrah marked a turning point. Aima recounted, “When I went there and I performed Umrah, and the intensity with which I performed Umrah, it felt like Allah wanted me to heal.”

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For context, in 2022, British model Taloulah Mair accused pop singer Aima Baig of cheating with her boyfriend Qes Ahmed. The model claims the Pakistani individual, Qes, is a womanizer and a swindler who has had multiple affairs with many women, including Aima Baig.

The scandalous news came just days after Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig ended their engagement to each other. Taloulah went on to call out Aima, using derogatory remarks and leaking her private chats online. The subsequent backlash forced Aima Baig to take a break from social media.

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