Natasha Noorani Honored at New York City’s Times Square with Giant Billboard

The popular songstress is Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan ‘Artist of the Month’.

Popular Pakistani music artiste, Natasha Noorani, is being honored by Spotify on a giant billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

Following the likes of Arooj Aftab, Mehak Ali, and Hadiqa Kiani, Spotify recently declared her an EQUAL Pakistani ambassador and ‘Artist of the Month’ for November.

The music-streaming platform broke the news on social media with a picture of the massive billboard featuring the Faltu Pyar songstress.

The caption read:

Natasha’s noor lights up Times Square.

Natasha Noorani is an up-and-coming musician from Lahore, Pakistan, and is best known for the tracks Faltu PyarChoroTrace, and Apocalypse How? She is also a festival director, manager, and ethnomusicologist.

Spotify: A Global Platform for Pakistani Artistes

The Swedish audio streaming platform entered Pakistan when its music industry was just beginning to lift off and providing a much-needed platform for young and emerging artists.

It also promoted young Pakistani artist, Hasan Raheem, with a gigantic billboard at Times Square under its RADAR initiative last week.

Empowering Female Pakistani Artistes

Spotify also filled a vacuum of needed infrastructure for rising female artistes via EQUAL Pakistan.

Spotify launched the EQUAL (women at full volume) program to amplify women’s voices and extend the right resources to them to create much-needed impactful opportunities for them.

EQUAL focuses on highlighting different women artists across different countries and offers a number of destinations for fans to access their favorite women artistes’ music ranging from rock, and indie to Bollywood and more.

With this program, the global platform has opened up a variety of prospects for Pakistani women musicians while highlighting the beauty of female voices and women artists at a global level.