Naumaan Ijaz Warns Fans His Instagram Got Hacked

How did that happen?

Naumaan Ijaz - Nauman Ijaz

Veteran actor Naumaan Ijaz has warned his fans to be wary of any suspicious activity on his Instagram account. Apparently, the O’ Rangreeza actor was hacked and lost access to his Instagram account.

To warn his fans, Naumaan Ijaz tweeted the concerning news and asked everyone to report his Instagram account. The account is no longer on the platform after being reported.

“Hi everyone, luckily being so famous, some idiot hacked my Instagram account. So please be careful about any message or any post shared from that account,” Ijaz posted on Twitter on October 22. “Kindly report @naumaanijazofficial account.”


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The Aao Kahani Buntay Hain actor revealed that he will return to Instagram with a new account. Seems like a safe move, what with his current account having been compromised.

In the meantime, he’s keeping fans posted via Twitter. Ijaz shared a video message with followers from Canada.

Looks he jetted off once the lockdown was lifted. He did say he’d head back to Karachi soon.

“I will be back soon and will see you all in Karachi,”

Is he back on Instagram?

Naumaan is pretty wary about the ‘life lesson’ he learnt. However, he’s now back on Instagram.

His new account is pretty barren and hasn’t been verified yet. Then again neither has his Twitter account.

Here’s to hoping he has better luck this time around.

This is his first post on Instagram on his new account:


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