Nazish Jahangir Shares How She Dealt With Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Controversy

Nazish Jahangir

In a recent television appearance, Nazish Jahangir shed light on the controversy with Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fatima Sohail. The actress was dragged in their issue and was even tagged as a ‘homewrecker’ by his ex-wife.

However, all this time she had stayed mum on the matter. During the Shaan-e-Suhoor transmission of ARY Digital, Nazish Jahangir opened up about the controversy and revealed how she dealt with it.

“I simply stayed quiet during that time. I thought that my brought up doesn’t allow me to speak ill of anybody. I would never deliberately harm someone’s reputation in public even if he/she is my enemy,” she said.

Nazish Jahangir shares her stance

She further added,

“If I have an issue with someone, I would never it to media or social media. I would talk to that person and would try to resolve it through dialogue… It was their (Fatima Sohail and Mohsin Abbas Haider’s) choice to bring their personal affair on social media but dragging me in it didn’t affect me or my career. I became stronger after that, my faith became stronger.”

Nazish also mentioned that her father supported her throughout that time.

“My father had my back. He said I could come back home whenever I wanted to but he advised me to stay silent on the matter.”

The host, Nida Yasir also inquired whether the controversy affected her career. Nazish revealed that she didn’t lose any projects. It was a little tough for a few months, but it all worked out well for her.

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