Nehar: Saboor Aly Nearly Burned Alive On Set [Video]

One of the burning props from the show fell on the actress during a photoshoot.

Actress Saboor Aly near sat herself on fire during a shoot for HUM TV drama serial Nehar.


Saboor Aly is a very talented and popular actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Even though many people know her as the younger sister of superstar Sajal Aly, she is making a name for herself in many super hit dramas and endorsements with various fashion brands. The fashionista star in various drama serials such as Ishq Mein Kaafir, Naqab Zan, Gul-o-Gulzaar, Parizaad, and Tum Ho Wajah.

Currently, the popular diva is working on a HUM TV drama serial Nehar as she shares exclusive snippets from the set on her Instagram.

Recently, Saboor had to do some cinematic shoots with co-star Shafaat Ali. During these takes, the actress nearly got set on fire!

In the post, Saboor explains to her fan that her job isn’t all glitz and glam but requires her to do dangerous stunts.

“Most people think we only get decked up and look pretty but reality is bit different,” Saboor writes. “In our line of work we work really hard, scenes likes these happen every now and then. Being an actor requires a lot of hard work and dangerous stunts as well. It’s not just glamour.”

HUM TV’s Nehar is a drama revolving around one of our society’s major issue – Jahez (Dowry). The showcases how such a deep-rooted tradition has an impact on the dynamics of a family. Aside from Saboor and Shafaat Ali, the cast includes Usama Tahir, Areeba Habib, Saima Qureshi, Farhan Ally Agha, Rabia Naureen and Munazzah Arif,


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