Netflix is Censoring Images of Meat for Viewers in India



Recently people brought up how meat is being censored in Vikings on Netflix India. The move was made by Netflix for Indian audiences.


Some people even turned this into a Hindu-Muslim debate. Indian Bhakhts argued that Netflix was going out of its way to censor pork. However, if that were the case why was this move only for India, where Muslims are a minority?


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Then there was a more mellow explanation.


People questioned if the move was made by the streaming platform under pressure from Bhakhts. However, Netflix India did issue a formal explanation when the issue blew up on social media. Netflix is just trying to be respectful towards the Hindu religious sentiments of not eating meat.


Furthermore, the digital streaming service also pointed out how they must comply when served a legal notice from the ‘local governing authority‘.

People can’t help but ask. Is this censorship voluntary or demanded by the Indian government? This wouldn’t be the first time India went heavy-handed with censorships demands.

Previously there have been demands for the streaming platform’s original series Sacred Games and Leila to be censored for hurting political sentiments.


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If you remember, the Indian government has banned BBC’s documentary ‘India’s Daughter‘ about the Jyoti Singh brutal rape case, as well as ‘Lynch Nation‘ a documentary about the frequent public lynching of minorities in India.

Not to mention, RSS, the parent organization behind the ruling BJP govt, has held meetings with Amazon, Netflix, and other streaming platforms to bar:

“content ‘critical’ of the Indian standpoint on Kashmir or defamatory to Hindu symbols and the Indian Army.”

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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