Netizens React Angrily to Zarnish Khan Dancing Her Heart Out in Skin-tight Outfit

The diva is very fond of dancing, time and again we spot her showing some moves

Wherever Zarnish Khan goes, she spreads happiness and smiles with her bubbly and happy-go-lucky nature. The diva is very fond of dancing, and time and again, we spot her showing off some cool moves. The following video of her dancing her heart out is making waves on the web in which Khan is having a night on the tiles dancing her heart out.

Living life extravagantly on her own terms, Zarnish Khan certainly gives us a lesson on how to make the most of life. The diva overhauled the vibe and danced the night out wearing a classy all-black attire.

However, netizens certainly did not like her dance and the moral police did not approve of her moves and her dress.

Zarnish was also previously spotted dancing in the middle of the road in Hunza, and proved yet again that she doesn’t care for anyone else but her happiness.

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Zarnish Khan is a Pakistani television actress. She is known for her appearance in Urdu television serials. She played the role of Alizeh in Susraal Mera for which she received the Hum Award for Best Soap Actress. Later on, she played the role of Samra in Aye Zindagi, and Iqra in Sehra Main Safar.


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