Netizens React to Fatima Jinnah: Sister | Revolutionist | Stateswoman

Fatima Jinnah

A biopic web series on Fatima Jinnah is out, desi Twitter can’t contain itself! Based on the 14-minute prologue, we will get to see various actresses play the Mother of the Nation throughout her life.

Danial K Afzal’s upcoming web series Fatima Jinnah: Sister | Revolutionist | Stateswoman is out. The period drama divides Jinnah’s life into three eras, based on three major turning points. Fatima Jinnah: Sister | Revolutionist | Stateswoman cast Sundus Farhan, Sajal Aly, and Samiya Mumtaz in each era respectively.

From a dentist turned politician in her 30s. To her 50s and the struggles post-partition. As well as trying to uphold the mantel after the death of her brother in Katrak Parsi Colony Karachi, which was Pakistan’s then Federal Capital.

“Fatima Jinnah has decided to make her return to politics.”

The web series also shed light on many of her achievements from obtaining a dental degree from the University of Calcutta in 1923. To being the first female dentist of undivided India.

Then post-independence, she co-founded the Pakistan Women’s Association. A body that played an integral role in the settlement of the women migrants in Pakistan. Then there was her book and years of censorship.


Followed by the presidential election of 1965 against military dictator Ayub Khan. Something people still have opinions about.


Based on all this, of course, Netizens are dying to see more.

Then there were memes. As usual.


People also had opinions about casting.


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