Srha Asghar’s Video in a Little Too Revealing Outfit Raises Eyebrows


The talented actress and mommy, Srha Asgar is in the whole mood on the weekend as she shared a reel of herself twirling around with all smiles in her cute summer dress by Myshaa apparel.

Check it out!

In the video, Srha can be seen clad in a pastel-colored see-through summer dress with her glossy curled hair bouncing on her shoulders. She went for a soft makeover to go with the blazing summer heat. We just can’t get enough of her cuteness.

The moral police, however, could not hold back and tried to school the actress. Netizens slammed Srha for revealing a little too much in the see-through dress, forcing her to turn off the comments. She later opened comments but not without moderating.

Srha Asghar is a TV actress who quickly became a star in the showbiz industry. She has been part of the entertainment business since 2015. She began her career in acting with supporting roles in hit drama serials. Fans loved her brilliant performances and she soon became more of a household name.

Srha married the love of her life, Lala Umar Murtaza in 2020, and fans can’t get enough of them. They often entertain their fans on social media with cute TikTok videos and pictures. Srha and Umar were blessed with a baby boy, Ehaan Murtaza, last year.

Srha Asghar and Lala Umar Murtaza

We haven’t seen her on our television screens for a long time but the actress made sure to keep her fans entertained with her cute and lovely daily reels along with her amazing dance moves.

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