Netizens Want Hareem Shah to Stay Away From Naseem Shah

The controversial TikToker wants the young pacer’s phone number.

Controversial TikToker Hareem Shah has made an unusual request after cricketer Naseem Shah‘s heroic performance in Pakistan’s nail-biting victory against Afghanistan in the second ODI.

Shortly after the match’s conclusion, Hareem Shah took to Twitter to express her excitement and asked for Naseem Shah’s contact number, citing the need for his “help” in some unspecified “work.”

The tweet went viral as netizens are determined to “protect” the talented 20-year-old cricketer at all cost from the clutches of Hareem Shah, making sure he stays focused for the upcoming Asia Cup and the ICC World Cup in India.

Looks like Naseem Shah has another grown woman swooning over him. This time it’s the controversial influencer Hareem Shah, who has moved on from politicians, and has her heart set on the fiery young cricketer due to his heroics in yesterday’s thrilling match against Afghanistan.

Hareem not-so-innocently tweeted,

Guys, kya mjhy Naseem Shah ka number mil skta hai? Kuch kam ha.

The tweet quickly went viral, triggering a wave of humorous responses from netizens who appear to be genuinely concerned about Naseem Shah’s well-being.

Amid the sea of hilarious memes and witty remarks, it’s evident that Twitter users are united in their desire to “protect” the young cricketer from any potential distractions, especially as important tournaments like the Asia Cup and ICC World Cup are on the horizon.

Here are a few hilarious reactions

One of Naseem’s alleged cousin saw the tweet and said he would never give away his number to a person like Hareem.


The entertaining incident has drawn attention to Naseem Shah’s undeniable charisma and the attention he seems to attract from various quarters. This isn’t the first time he has captured the interest of female celebrities.

Last year, it was Bollywood diva Urvashi Rautela who was after the young pacer. Looks like Hareem Shah will have to get in line.

Naseem Shah

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