Moammar Rana’s Wife Defends Husband’s Controversial Remarks About Priyanka Chopra

Mehnaz Moammar blames podcast host Nadir Ali for stirring controversy.

Amidst the ongoing backlash surrounding actor Moammar Rana‘s questionable remarks on Priyanka Chopra during Nadir Ali’s podcast, the actor’s wife, Mehnaz Moammar, has come forward to defend her husband.

She expressed that Moammar couldn’t be held responsible for the host’s comments, which were intended to create controversy for views. Mehnaz clarified that her husband did not comment on Priyanka’s skin tone or complexion. Instead, he had shared his experience honestly, explaining that onscreen beauty differs from real-life appearances.

The podcast episode stirred controversy after Moammar Rana recounted a chance encounter with the Bollywood star. Celebrities such as Mathira and model Nadia Hussain have condemned the interview, specifically calling Nadir Ali for shamelessly promoting “cheap” content.

Responding to Mathira’s comments on the exchange, Mehnaz condemned the podcast host’s color-shaming and called out the glorification of fair skin in society. Model Natasha Hussain also criticized Ali’s comments, expressing concern about the perpetuation of such attitudes on social media.

Mehnaz also pointed out a tweet by Chopra, made during her time as a UNICEF ambassador, in support of the Indian armed forces during a sensitive time. Mehnaz questioned why some Pakistanis were not addressing Chopra’s comments on Pakistan and Kashmir while considering her a human rights activist.

In the podcast, Nadir Ali initiated a conversation about women’s appearances without makeup, asking Rana to comment on those who look “bhayanak” (frightening) without it in the showbiz industry.

Moammar Rana responded that he didn’t believe anyone in Pakistan looked “bhayanak.” However, the conversation took a controversial turn when Nadir Ali shifted the focus to women in India, drawing a parallel between them and maids.

When Moammar Rana discussed meeting Priyanka Chopra and how his perception of her changed after seeing her in person, Ali made a comparison that likened Priyanka to a “maid.” This sparked outrage as it was interpreted as derogatory and reflective of colorism.

Many from the showbiz fraternity have called out Nadir Ali for his pompousness and Moammar Rana for partaking in such a crass discussion.

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