Nida Yasir Reveals How She Deals with Criticism On Her Show

Nida Yasir is often criticized for her statements and her morning show format.

Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir is often criticized for her statements and her morning show format. In a recent interview with BBC Urdu, the host opened up about her experience and how she deals with criticism.

When the host asked her to share the details that go on behind the scenes, Nida said that her show is there to entertain the audiences. She tries to invite people who are loved by the public and makes sure they are comfortable with her.

“I know that people say that every time a show is gaining popularity, they are suddenly invited to Nida Yasir’s show. I take it as a compliment because I try my best to make sure that my audiences are entertained. I have a degree in hotel management so I consistently try to make sure that I am engaged with the audience and with the people I have invited for interviews. I enjoy talking to people a lot so I’m really grateful that my show allows me to follow my interests.”


Nida Yasir on social media and its affects

Speaking about social media, Nida Yasir said that there are people who always seek an opportunity to criticize others, but there are also those who truly love her. She said when people curse at her or make pointless remarks about her, she feels hurt. But other than that, she ignores the trolls.

There have been quite a lot of challenges she had faced during live morning shows and sometimes she feels completely exhausted.

“I think that when an ordinary person commits a mistake, its not easily noticeable and you can apologize and move on. But if you’re a celebrity and a mistake you made was caught on camera, then it keeps coming up and never lets go. Every time after I have completed an episode, I am so anxious that I literally get body aches, because I’m so worried that I did something that might offend people.”

She also said that she owns her mistakes. She can’t just shift the blame on the TV channels. Nida takes credit for the good things and acknowledges her oversights.

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