Nimra Khan & Her Husband Share What They’re Up to [Pictures]

Nimra Khan

Famous people have arranged marriages too. Actress Nimra Khan is an example of a woman who struck gold in her arranged marriage.

The actress is often seen sharing social media PDA with her husband. The duo was married in a flurry amid the COVID-19 pandemic and have been inseparable since.


Nimra Khan Gets Caught Passing Nimra Rafique’s Naat as Her Own [Video]

The Alif Allah Aur Insan actress, always wanted a simple wedding and her wish was granted courtesy of her pandemic. But that outbreak also means the couple has been spending a lot of time in quarantine together.

The couple has been living together in London since their intimate wedding. So how did spending every waking hour together affect their relationship? The Choti Si Zindagi actress looks thrilled based on her Instagram.

Nimra Khan living with her husband in London

The ‘Alif Allah Aur Insan’ actress shares social media PDA with her man

We don’t even know his name


Nimra Khan Gets Married During Quarantine [Pictures]

In a recent Instagram live session, the actress opened up about her married life and how happy she is. This interview session dates back to April when news of her Nikkah emerged.



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