No Visa for Cringe! India Denies Entry to Four Infamous Influencers Ahead of World Cup

A rare moment of celebration for Pakistani and Indian fans

In a hilarious twist of fate, India has decided to withhold visas from four infamous influencers, as Pakistani awaam couldn’t be more happy to know that these cringey jokers will not be in the stands during the ICC World Cup 2023.

The four individuals in question, comedian Momin Saqib, YouTuber Ducky Bhai, podcaster Nadir Ali, and UAE-based Indian TikToker ‘Love Khaani,’ who pretended to be a Pakistani during Asia Cup, were denied entry ahead of the  World Cup in India.

Twitter erupted with laughter and celebration as news of their visa denials spread like wildfire. It’s a rare moment of unity between Indian and Pakistani cricket fans who, for once, find themselves on the same page.

One enthusiastic tweeter exclaimed, “I don’t know why, but Pakistanis are more thrilled that these guys won’t be with their team!” It seems that the antics of these influencers during Pakistan-India matches have rubbed cricket fans the wrong way for far too long.

One Indian netizen succinctly summed up the sentiment, quipping, “We don’t allow aliens to roam freely.”

While the rivalry between India and Pakistan is well-known and often fierce, it seems that both sides can agree on one thing: a strong dislike for cringeworthy behavior during crucial cricket matches. Here are a few more hilarious reactions on social media.



The disdain for these influencers stems from their notorious antics during Pakistan-India matches. Momin Saqib, Nadir Ali, and Ducky Bhai have all made headlines for their questionable stunts and cringe-worthy reactions that often distract from the game.

On the other hand, ‘Love Khaani’ gained notoriety for masquerading as a Pakistani girl who fervently cheered for India and Virat Kohli, sparking suspicions of propaganda and stirring up controversy about divided loyalties.

The exclusion of these individuals from the upcoming ICC World Cup has brought fans from both nations together in shared delight. While cricket rivalries will always be fierce on the field, it seems that everyone can agree that cringe-worthy antics are best left off the pitch.


  1. Old habit of Pakistanis to mock their countrymen. Indians stand behind their people and Pakistanis stab their own people. They were celebrities and Indians are rejecting most visas of Pakistanis. This should be protested as India is hosting the world cup and Pakistani celebrities have every right to be there.