Noor Bukhari Marries Her Ex-Husband Aown Chaudhary

Rekindling an old flame?

Noor Bukhari and Aown Chaudhary

Actress Noor Bukhari is making headlines with her marriage again. Now there are rumors going arounf that she has re-married her ex-husband Aown Chaudhary.

Both Noor Bukhari and Aown Chaudhary had been married back in 2012. This was Noor Bukhari’s second marriage. Could it be that the two have rekindled their old flame after parting ways eight years ago?

Based on Noor Bukhari’s recent post calling Aown ‘her hero‘, this might be the real deal.

News outlet Showbiz Pakistan shared the news of the Mujhe Chand Chahye actress tying the knot.

Previously when the actress was rumored to have married a Britsh-Pakistani man in England, Noor Bukhari shot down the rumors. The Ishq Positive actress requested that media outlets refrain from commenting on her personal life and spreading rumors.

Later her cousin Sana Fakhar made a statement that Noor had probably married over five times by now.


Here’s What Sana Fakhar Said About Noor Bukhari’s Marriage [Video]

Noor Bukhari and Aown Chaudhary were married for a year in 2012. The two have a daughter together named Fatima. Their daughter lives with her mother.

Noor Bukhari and Aown Chaudhary
Noor Bukhari, Aown Chaudhary and their daughter Fatima


Noor Bukhari and Aown Chaudhary
PTI member Aown Chaudhary with PTI Chief Imran Khan

Lahore based businessman Aown Chaudhary is a member of the ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). He was previously PTI chief Imran Khan’s personal assistant. Now he is an adviser to Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar.


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