Noor Bukhari Publicly Calls Out a Bride Over Her Dressing

Do you think it’s okay for Noor Bukhari to point fingers?

Noor Bukhari

Former actress, host, director, and model Noor Bukhari took to her Instagram account’s story to condemn a bride’s dress. She has, in the past, called out many for not remember the religious and cultural roots.

Noor Bukhari left the Pakistani entertainment industry in 2017. She started a YouTube channel to share her religious transformation with fans and followers. Earlier this year, she was heavily trolled on her remarks for the PM’s wife Bushra Bibi. Noor said:


She’s more than a mother to me.


Last year, she left her fans and followers in shock after news of her remarrying her ex-husband started making rounds. Now, she has 2 daughters- who she plans on keeping out of showbiz.


Allah has blessed me with another daughter. I believe that daughters are the most precious gift of Allah. Fatima and Shehr Bano shared a beautiful bond and I am blessed about that. I am blessed that Allah has led me towards right path, everything I do is for Allah.


She also took it upon herself to school Nida Yasir for inviting a rape victim’s family and being insensitive towards them.



Yes they all do. All the morning shows are pathetic. They call the victims and then the host is told to make them cry. I have left the show once cos of this hideous behavior.


Now, she’s back again schooling netizens for forgetting their religious roots. Commenting on a bride’s clothes, she wrote:


Where are we heading? Is this our tradition?


Take a look at her story here:


Noor Bukhari



Later, she also wrote that when someone raises their voices against something wrong, others get offended.



Do you think it’s okay for Noor Bukhari to point fingers and bash someone publicly? Share your views in the comments section.




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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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