Noor Khan Looked Like A Disney Princess at Funkasia’s Fashion Show [Pictures]

How about Noor Khan as Jasmine in ‘Once Upon a Time?’

noor khan at funkasia

Sara Khan’s younger sister Noor Khan looks nothing like her, but she looked like a Disney princess on at the Funkasia show.

The model-cum-actress Noor Khan is known for her doe eyes and that curly mane.

The Teray Liye actress has walked the ramp many times, particularly for Funkasia. This time she was walking the ramp for Al Karam.


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Noor Khan at Funkasia

Her floral, floor-length gown with a flared skirt was giving off Disney vibes.

Noor Khan walks for Funkasia


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Noor Khan walks for Al Karam at Funkasia

Noor Khan walks for Al Karam

Noor Khan in Al Karam for Funkasia


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Noor Khan looks like Disney princess

Sara Khan's sister Noor Khan

Since the actress playing Princess Jasmine, Naomi Scott is half Indian, we wouldn’t mind if Noor Khan was cast as Jasmine in Once Upon a Time (looking forward to it).

Noor Khan’s Acting Career

The model has been talking up catwalks for a while till she was cast in Teray Liye in 2016.  She then went on to work in Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain (2016), Preet Na Kariyo Koi (2016), Khidmat Guzar (2017) and Noor (2017).


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Image Credits: Yaseen Lakhani Photography


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