‘Obsessed With Gori Rungat’, Netizens Slams Pakistani Celebrities For Skin Lightening Injections

Now what are they trying to promote?

Throughout history, the Gora complex (white complex) has been a significant issue in our society. The struggle of breaking through the shackles of colorism is ongoing for decades. Unfortunately, Pakistan is still following that mindset, which has been ingrained in generations that fair skin is superior to other tones.

This belief is relaying through television advertisements, drama serials, and celebrity endorsements. And now the new trend of taking whitening injections among celebrities has made it even worse. From Ushna Shah to Saboor Aly many celebrities are taking injections.

There is a dire need for celebrities and social media influencers to rethink the ways that affect Pakistan’s complexion complex.  We must encourage young women and men that they don’t have to go out of their way to have ‘fair skin’ in order to look beautiful.

Here are a few celebrities who think audiences are naive enough to think that they are taking vitamins. And boldly posted their pictures taking glutathione and Vitamin C complex drips to lighten their complexion.

These pictures of celebrities promoting the wrong concept created a ruckus online and moral police started slamming them for fair skin obsession. Take a look!

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