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Onion Earrings are the Next Big Thing? Twinkle Khanna Thinks So

Is the actress making a statement?

Onion Earrings

India is currently running short on tears produced by onions. Are we right to presume that it is shedding tears of anguish and of restriction, especially after onion prices in India have skyrocketed out of the common man’s reach?

Just how much is too much? Reports say that onions prices have surged up by 400% as of recently.

The current average price of Onions in India is 80 INR (PKR 173) per KG and the maximum price being 111 INR (PKR 241) per KG. The price hike has forced people to steal onions to make ends meet.

The Onion crisis is looming all over India due to a 26% decline in production. Monsoons and excess rain in onion producing states such as Maharashtra and Karnataka have resulted in massive damages within the produce.


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Bollywood to the rescue?

Bollywood Actress Akshay Kumar appeared as a guest on “The Kapil Sharma Show” to promote his upcoming film Good Newzz.

Kapil Sharma presented the Onion earrings to guest Kareena Kapoor, but she didn’t find them to her liking.

Instead, Akshay Kumar had an inkling that his wife Twinkle Khanna will absolutely relish the earrings. Partly out of jest, and partly out of wanting to put a smile on her face, Akshay took the earrings with him.

Onions spark tears of joy

The Onion earrings were well received from Twinkle Khanna. The actress took to Instagram and yes, she made a ‘heartfelt’ post about it. Maybe it’s the onion earrings working their magic?


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Written by Suleman Saleem


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