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Our First Look at Momin Saqib in His TV Drama Debut [Videos]

The social media celebrity will be joined by a star-studded cast.

The popular content creator and viral internet sensation Momin Saqib is set to make his mark on TV. After capturing the imaginations of cricket fans when his emotional video went viral, he’s now setting his sights on showbiz.

Momin Saqib is now coming to a drama serial near you. The teasers for this upcoming HUM TV drama are out and it looks like the viewers will be in for a roller coaster of emotions.

About Momin Saqib

Momin Saqib has become one of the most popular social media celebrities on the internet. The youngster’s hilarious rant during the ICC Cricket World 2019 instantly went viral.

His catchphrases like “Maro mujhe maro” and “mera dil ro raha hai” are some of the most meme-worthy quotes in recent times.


Viral Sensation Momin Saqib is Making His Film Debut in “Dum Mastam”

While many thought of him as just another social media commentator or troll, Momin is out to prove everyone wrong. The viral sensation is set to star in HUM TV drama serial called Be Adab. And no, it is not a comedy.

From the few glimpses we got, Be Adab looks to be a serious drama with the theme of love between parents and their children. In a recent podcast, Momin shared some details about the project.

“I am working full time in Kings College London, took a break from there to come here. I am not fully indulged in acting. I came here for a specific project.”

The youngster will be joined by a star-studded cast in his debut. Notable actors include Rehan Sheikh, Hajra Yameen, Sania Saeed and Faryal Mahmood.

Check out the teasers for this upcoming drama serial:


Ali Zafar Pranks Momin Saqib With Pizza [Video]

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