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Pakistan Needs to Take Up the Trash Tag Challenge Now!

The viral trend has swept across Asia, and Pakistan is missing out.


There’s a new trend going around on the internet, only this one is making people make a huge difference in their lives. The viral #trashtagchallenge has inspired people to combat littering.

Want to know what’s the deal with the Trash Tag Challenge? And why its taking the world by storm? Then read on.

About the Trash Tag Challenge

The #trashtagchallenge involves people going to a site with insane amounts of litter. The challenge is to clean it up, show off your achievements on social media (pictures or it didn’t happen) and tag it with the right hashtag.

Many countries, especially those in Asia, have a serious waste management problem. Its no wonder then that Asia got swept up in this viral trend.

From China and Nepal, to as far East as Philippines, people are coming out to combat littering and making the world a pretty place to live in.

How Did It Begin?

The trend first started with a Reddit post that challenged people to ‘make the world a better place’. This post made the #trashtagchallenge an Internet sensation, but the idea is older.

Back in 2015, an outdoor gear and apparel company UCO launched the #TrashTag Project. At the time Steven Reinhold, a UCO Ambassador, was on a road trip along with friends and had a good time. So much that by the end of it, the area was covered in litter all around.

To subdue the guilt they decided to clean up.

“Me and a buddy of mine were out on a road trip in California and a receipt blew out of a window…….We kind of felt bad about it because it was in a really pretty location, so we decided to pick up 100 pieces of trash.”

Little did they know that their approach could spawn off a worldwide phenomenon.

The Trash Tag Challenge is Catching Up

Even the dreaded Manila Bay looks spotless. Just so you know, this seashore was considered the dirtiest bay in the world.

These Vietnamese school kids are leagues ahead of their time.

#trashtag #trashchallenge in Vietnam

India followed suit.

An Indian story went viral when a group of friends picked up trash that locals had dumped out.

#Trashtag Junagadh, India
Image Source: CNN

Malaysia is even recycling its plastic (and staying ahead of the trend).

Will Pakistan Rise Up to the #TrashTagChallenge ?

If all these countries can do it, why can’t we? Its high time Pakistanis pitch in and make their voice heard.

Instead of sitting around idlly, waiting for the municipality to clean up, how about we start out small and pick up trash from wherever you see it. We can then move on to littered roads, parks and green areas to pitch in and clean up.

In fact, we should start calling out people for littering. A cleaner community is a happier community and we should all take pride in the places we live in.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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