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Pakistani Celebrities Criticize International Media For Not Covering the Sudan Conflict

As the Sudan conflict continues, International media forgot it exists!

Pakistani artists are calling out the international media for not covering the Sudan crisis. Social justice warrior Mahira Khan is at the forefront of this issue.

The Verna actress is known to be vocal about social issues of the day, especially in Pakistan. Now she’s calling out international media for not covering the Sudan killings.

The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador tweeted out the importance of covering the ongoing atrocities by rebel militia in the sub-Saharan state.

In the recent spell of clashes in Sudan on June 3, around 19 Sudanese children were killed. Many more were abducted and recruited against their will to join the rebel forces, and sexually abused.


Mahira Khan, Shehzad Roy, Zeba Bakhtiar & Younus Khan Team Up Against Child Abuse

Other Celebrities Chime In

After the Raees actress, Hania Amir followed suit.

In an Instagram post Hania urged people to start a conversation on Sudanese conflict. The Parwaaz Hai Junoon actress also listed links to donate for those who have been affected by the conflict in Sudan.

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There’s a massacre happening in Sudan! People are being beaten up, raped, killed! A child was raped by multiple men in a mosque! 52 people killed! 700 injured! Dozens of bodies dumped into the nile river! The military has shut down the internet and media coverage so we don’t get to see what’s happening so they can’t ask anyone for help! Please yeh mat sochain ke yeh hamaray log nahi hain tou ham kya karain. Ham Sab insan hain! Buray waqt ka pata nahi hota. Facebook Instagram twitter snapchat YouTube TikTok! Jahan tak bata sakte ho batao! Please help. Mentioning some of the things you can do to help. -There’s a page on Facebook called ‘food and medicine for Sudan’ -you can donate by going to – – go to and sign the petition to urge the UN to look into the matter – donate at I’ll post the links and screenshots on my story. RAISE YOUR VOICE FOR HUMANITY! SPEAK UP FOR SUDAN! #sudanmassacre

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Pretty soon other Pakistani celebs expressed their support as well.

The Sudan Conflict

Sudan has gone through a long civil war. In 2005, the South part of Sudan called for independence. It is important to mention here that South Sudan is resource-rich, particularly oil rich.

In response, the Sudanese military, which controls the government called for a united Sudan.

That unity was short lived. In 2011 South Sudan voted for independence. That didn’t help with development as rebel militias quickly formed and broke away from Sudan. They continue to ruin the peace.

As the Sudanese war for power continues, in recent clashes on June, 2 security forces in Sudan attacked a protest camp in the capital Khartoum.

120 people were killed when Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was overthrown on April 11th. The forces’ assault on the protest in front of the military headquarters irked the UN and African Union. Yet, none have taken any counter-measures to stop the growing violence in the country.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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