Pakistani Celebrities Express Their Grief Over The Peshawar Bomb Blast

A tragedy.

Pakistani celebrities took to social media to express their grief and shock at the recent bomb blast in Peshawar’s Dir Colony. Around 120 students were wounded and at least 8 lost their lives in the recent tragedy that has saddened people across the country.



It seems like terrorism has reared its ugly head in Pakistan once again. Bomb blasts and terrorist attacks had once been a growing concern in our country. The country has endured many losses over the years but was finally able to bring about peace and security by eliminating various terrorist groups lurking about. However, the recent bomb blast in Peshawar has created fear in our society once again.

Recently, the Jamia Zuberia madrassa in Peshawar’s Dir Colony became the target of a bomb blast. The horrific incident resulted in the deaths of 123 students attending a class in the madrassa. This new wave of danger is spreading around the whole country as people mourn.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has also issued a statement as he said,


Deeply saddened by terrorist attack on madrassah in Peshawar. My condolences go to the victims’ families & prayers for early recovery of the injured. I want to assure my nation we will ensure the terrorists responsible for this cowardly barbaric attack are brought to justice ASAP.



Many celebrities showed their solidarity and concern over the incident as they took to Twitter to express their grief. Notable names include Shahid Afridi, Ali Zafar, Salman Ahmad, and Humayun Saeed.








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