Pakistani Celebrities Who Attended the Pakistan Day Parade

The event took place in Islamabad, as is the tradition. Read more to find out who attended the Pakistan Day Parade.

Pakistani Celebrities

Many Pakistani celebrities attended the Pakistan Day Parade which was held on the 25th of March in Islamabad. The parade is organized every year on the 23rd of March, however, because of the weather conditions, the event was postponed. Let’s take a look at who attended the event.

Pakistan Day Parade takes place every year at Shakarparian, Islamabad. It celebrates the importance of the Lahore Resolution that was passed in 1940. The parade is also known as the National Day Joint Services Parade.

Countless Pakistani celebrities attend the event every year and this year was no different. Let’s take a look at all the famous figures who were spotted at the parade:


Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani Celebrities


The Pakistan Day ceremony reportedly started off with fighter jets flying past. The jets were from Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy led. In addition to this, the chief guest of the event was President Arif Alvi.

It may also be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan was unable to attend the event due to coronavirus. The PM tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

All of these Pakistani celebrities look spot-on for Pakistan day. What do you think of these pictures? Share your views in the comments section.

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