Pakistani Film ‘Unmasking’ Breaks Record for Most Cinema Awards Won Abroad

The filmmaker from Hollywood based it on the pandemic and WHO reports.

Unmasking, a short Pakistan film about COVID-19 created by Khalid Hasan Khan, has won 12 international awards after being screened at 26 international film festivals in six continents.

Khan, a Hollywood graduate in filmmaking, wrote, directed, and produced the film with the tagline ‘get vaccinated’.

The filmmaker accentuated the relevance of this short film by quoting the latest reports from the World Health Organization (WHO):

Rapidly escalating COVID-19 cases amid reduced virus surveillance forecasts a challenging autumn and winter in the WHO European Region” and from Reuters; “As the third winter of the coronavirus pandemic looms in the northern hemisphere, scientists are warning weary governments and populations alike to brace for more waves of COVID-19.

Unmaking was officially screened and won awards in Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, France, India, Italy, Nigeria, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States between 2021 and 2022.

Check out the international awards it won below:

  • Best Foreign Short Film at the Istanbul Film Awards.
  • Best Short Film (less than 30 minutes) at the World Film Carnival, Singapore.
  •  Best Short Film – International Competition Short Films at the Rameshwaram International Film Festival.
  • Special Jury Award for International & Indian Short Film, Best International Short Film, and Best Director for International & Indian Short Film at the Indo French International Film Festival.
  • Best Screenplay Writer for Short Film, and Best Concept Short Film at the Marudham Indie Film Festival.
  • Best Concept Short Film at the Golden Leaf International Film Festival.
  • Best Screenplay at the Virgin Spring Cinefest.
  • Best Creative Short Film at the Halicarnassus Film Festival.
  • Best Editing at the ARG International Film Festival.

Unmasking shares a pro-vaxxer message and features Ali E, Danish Wakeel, and Talal Farhat.


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