Pakistani Kid’s Hilarious Cover of Despacito Resurfaces On the Internet [Video]

Still relatable, still hilarious!

Luis Fonsi and DJ Cassidy’s song Despacito is still as popular four years later. The hit track recently made waves again when it was dethroned by Baby Shark as ‘the most viewed video ever on YouTube’.

Recently a viral Pakistani teen’s cover of Despacito resurfaced. The reason the video went viral in the first place wasn’t the young man’s melodious voice but rather how he recalled the lyrics to the song.


Baby Shark Beats ‘Despacito’ as The Most Viewed Video on YouTube [Videos]

The 19-seconds clip shows the boy singing while a reporter holds a mic for him. Despite not knowing the lyrics accurately, he powered through the song with his own lyrics.

Does he gets points for trying? He mumbled his rendition of the hit single along with the tune of Despacito with full confidence.

The user that posted the video captioned it;

“Me in my living room jamming like I know the words to #despacito #InaugurationDay,”

Twitter sure appreciates his confidence.



Others just appreciated the laugh.


So can you relate?


The reason this viral video resurfaced is that the Latin hit was performed during a virtual performance on the two-hour telecast of Celebrating America special on Inauguration Day.


Celebrating America, was a virtual concert by Tom Hanks. The primetime TV special, celebrating the inauguration of Joe Biden with performances by Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato, and Ant Clemons apart from Luis Fonsi.


Joe Biden Says Insha’Allah At the Presidential Debate and Twitter Explodes

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