Pakistan’s Ahed Tamimi: Tayyaba Raja Reveals Why She Confronted Police


In a powerful display of courage, a woman stood toe to toe with the police in Lahore Cantt following the arrest of Imran Khan on Tuesday, sparking a nationwide protest.

The incident, involving social media influencer Tayyaba Raja, gained significant attention on Twitter, with netizens hailing her bravery in the face of adversity.

A video clip that quickly went viral captured the moment when Tayyaba Raja threw down her dupatta on the ground and fearlessly approached the police. However, she was met with aggression as a policeman grabbed her by the hair and forcibly pulled her toward a larger group of law enforcers.

The incident shocked viewers, who expressed their outrage at the violence inflicted upon the social media influencer.

Twitterati commended Tayyaba Raja for her unwavering courage, drawing parallels to other remarkable women who have defied state oppression. Examples cited included Malala Yousafzai, Sudan’s Alaa Salah, and Iran’s Mahsa Amini.

Some users even shared illustrations of Tayyaba with the caption “Sinf-e-Aahan,” meaning woman of steel.

Actress Armeena Khan also took to Twitter to applaud Raja’s bravery, highlighting the word “strong” on a billboard visible in the background of the video. Khan wrote,

I love how the slogan behind matches the situation. Yes, you are strong Tayyaba!

In response to the incident, Raja herself tweeted in Urdu, recounting her encounter with the police. She described how the policeman cursed at her and ordered her to leave. Refusing to back down, she reminded him that they were all Pakistanis and questioned how he could treat his fellow countrymen this way.

When the verbal abuse continued, she took decisive action, throwing the dupatta towards the officer and telling him to wear the dupatta and her bangles. Raja stood by her words, expressing her frustration with the system and its representatives.

The incident and the subsequent support from Twitter users showcased the power of social media in highlighting acts of resistance and inspiring others to stand up against injustice.

Tayyaba Raja’s unwavering spirit and determination struck a chord with many, reaffirming the importance of courage and unity in the face of oppression.