Pakistan’s Erica Robin Shines in Burka During Miss Universe’s Swimsuit Segment

The 25-year-old showed her beauty without compromising her modesty.

Pakistan’s very own Erica Robin is already making headlines and fashion statements at the 2023 Miss Universe.

The 25-year-old Karachite made a powerful statement during the preliminary round of the competition, refusing to wear a bikini during the often criticized swimsuit segment. While the rest of her competitors walked around in their revealing bathing suits, Erica walked out in a pink burka, or a “burkini.”

Pakistan’s first-ever Miss Universe contestant was met with applaud and cheers from the crowd, as the video clip of her walk went viral all over social media.

Netizens praised her for making an empowering and culturally significant choice on the global stage. In an interview, Erca explained that her decision to wear a burkini was a “personal choice” driven by her “immense respect” for her culture.

Check out the video here:

Notably, Erica Robin is not only making waves for her fashion statement but also for making history as the first-ever representative from Pakistan at the Miss Universe pageant.

In an interview with Dyan Castillejo, she emphasized the significance of her presence, saying, “This is the first time after 71 years that Pakistan is being represented.” She expressed her belief that regardless of one’s background or financial status, having a purpose in life can drive positive change.

As the 72nd Miss Universe competition approaches on Sunday, November 18, in El Salvador, Erica Robin’s groundbreaking choice has added a new dimension to the conversation about diversity, cultural representation, and empowerment in beauty pageants.