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Pakistan’s Second Tallest Man Needs Your Help

Lets help him out.

Pakistan's Second Tallest Man Needs Your Help

Naseer Soomro, age 55-years old, is the second tallest man alive in Pakistan today. His height is not the only thing he’s known for. He is also a Pakistani journalist, critic, and poet.

His poetic work is also a part of Sindhi CSS exams. He has also been an employee of the Pakistan International Airlines. Currently, Pakistan’s second tallest man is in need of your help.



In the past year, Mr. Soomro suffered a critical illness that led him to a private hospital’s intensive care unit. According to the doctors, he has a lung ailment condition known as Interstitial Lung Disease.

The disease leads to severe oxygen deficiency and a stagnant carbon dioxide level. After spending around a week in ICU, Mr. Soomro was finally sent home.




While Shaniera Akram took to Twitter to send prayers his way, most people were unaware of the severity of his disease.

At 7 feet and nine inches, Soomro is suffering from an incurable disease – Interstitial lung disease. Not only is this disease incurable, but it is also very progressive.



There are medications and treatments that can slow down the disease, but it goes without saying that these treatments are very costly. Mr. Soomro is in need of oxygen cylinders on a daily basis, and they cost around 12000 Rs. each.

Mr. Soomro said:

I am not well as I have breathing troubles, I am on oxygen at my home.

Recently an interview with Mr. Soomro surfaced on the internet, and it brought tears to many people’s eyes. He has been going through a hard time due to the costly treatment for his condition and is forced to borrow money from his sister. His sister is not that well-off to support him either.

It is our humble appeal to anyone who is reading this article, please lend a helping hand to Mr. Naseer Soomro and lessen his burden in any way you can. Pakistan’s second tallest man needs your help.

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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