Pakistan’s Youngest Vlogger Muhammad Shirazai and His Sister Invited by Google to USA

A Tale of Inspiration

In a remarkable testament to the power of youth, creativity, and digital innovation, Pakistan’s youngest vlogger, Muhammad Shiraz, and his sister Muskaan have been invited by the biggest search engine in the world, Google and YouTube to the United States. The news of this extraordinary invitation has been reported by some renowned media portals.

In case the readers are not aware which is quite impossible, Muhammad Shiraz popularly known as Shirazi, is the cutest vlogger from Gilgit Baltistan (GB), promoting the local beauty of the region to a great extent.

A budding social media sensation, first gained prominence with his captivating YouTube videos, where he shares insights into his daily life, adventures, and musings on a variety of topics. Despite his tender age, his content has resonated with audiences far and wide, earning him a dedicated following and admiration from viewers of all ages.

The 6-year-old Shirazi is enjoying immense popularity due to his very sweet way of talking and miraculous beauty: however, the boy also speaks Urdu with a unique lilt and accent that is pleasing to the audience.

He has also received a silver play button from the video-sharing website YouTube.

Lately, the cute vlogger has been attending popular Ramzan transmissions hosted by established host and actor Waseem Badami which has divided the public in two, some have admired Shiraz’s entry into the TV show while others criticized the show’s management for including children in the show which according to them can be caused of exploitation for children’s innocence.