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Patari To Introduce a ‘Mute’ Button After Mohsin Haider Abbas Controversy?

Is this connected?


Patari working at giving its users something akin to a mute button so that they can mute certain artists. Does this have anything to do with the audience’s reaction to Patari giving Mohsin Haider Abbas their platform?

The platform recently announced that the Patari board have ‘requested a review of a new track and subsequent promotion of a music act on the platform‘. Which track exactly has not been specified.

“Members of the Patari board have requested a review of a new track and subsequent promotion of a music act on the platform. This review may also take public feedback into consideration.”


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The announcement was clear that public feedback would be kept in mind. Besides that, the platform is working on creating a mute button. This feature will allow users to filter out certain artists.

“Patari is currently looking into technology for a user filter which will potentially allow listeners to mute or select artists according to their own choices and requirements. We will do this in the spirit of transparency and will keep you updated on such developments. Thank you.”

The audience isn’t complaining. In fact, they’re pretty glad the move centers around them.

Reactions to Patari mute button


People have their own opinions on whether or not the move is connected to the Moshin Haider Abbas controversy.

There were some users who remarked what took Patari so long.



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Still, other users of the platform want more to be done.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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