People’s Square in Karachi is Now Open For Public [Pictures + Videos]

This will help minimize traffic in Saddar area.

'People's Square'

Being a metropolitan city, Karachi has been facing a lot of traffic issues. Rush hours are basically real-life nightmares no matter where you are in this town. Recently, the ‘People’s Square’ has been built in Saddar, one of the most populated areas, to help reduce the problem.

The initiative was taken by the Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project [KNIP] which is a government organization. The news of its inauguration was shared by Senator Murtaza Wahab, who said:


The wait is finally over. Today, the #PeoplesSquare will be inaugurated for public. The basement parking with a capacity of 350 cars & motorbikes will help commuters park & then walk to burns road, arts council, burns garden, Sindh Sect, DJ, SM Law & Arts College.



Due to the prominent institutions and places in the nearby areas, the People’s Square has been developed to help folks park their vehicles in a safe space. Two levels of parking space have been developed in the area and more than 300 cars and bikes can be parked there.

Other than that, the recreational space is filled with old artistic paintings that depict the cultural values of the city. Food stalls have also been installed and special importance has been given to women, who will have their own separate space to run small businesses.

The space looks truly beautiful, let’s take a look:



Almost Rs.1.5 billion was invested in making this park. Let’s see what the authorities have to say:


Here’s what peeps are saying about People’s Square

Let’s see what everyone on Twitter has to say about this recreational space:




While some people argued that People’s Square is not a good idea, many also applauded the government officials for their efforts. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments section.



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  1. Just who has to pay the loan borrowed for this wastage of public money? The money spent could have been halved by building an underground parking lot on the land of the old Sindh Secretariat which has now been partially demolished to build high-rises on the main Frere Road plus avoiding the miseries caused to the vehicle riders and the pedestrians by the closure of many roads during the past several years.

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