Peshawar: 16-Year-Old Boy Killed For Not Accepting Friend Request

The boy went missing was later found dead.


A 16-year-old boy, Gul Rehman, was reported missing last week. According to police details, another boy named Sher Akbar also went missing around the same time. Akbar was later found by the police – who confessed to killing Rehman. The reason for this murder will shock you to the core!

Gul Rehman was a Rickshaw driver who lived in Peshawar, Pakistan. Allegedly, he received a friend request on Facebook from the culprit. When he rejected the friend request, it angered Akbar. After a while, the 16-year-old was reported missing by his family.

When police started the investigation, they found out that Akbar had also been missing since the boy’s disappearance. They then traced him through his cell phone and were able to catch him. Police are also looking into the case for proof of sexual assault.

According to the Superintendent of Police Rural, the initial autopsy did not confirm any sign of abuse. However, they were able to identify the intent for the murder.

Speaking to the media, ASP Chamkani Ahmed Zunair Cheema revealed that the 16-year-old was murdered for not befriending Akbar. It is hard to imagine that someone can murder an individual over friend requests on social media.


Another man loses it over a friend request

Similar incidents have taken place over friend requests on social media. Earlier this year, a man threatened to kill his ex-boss after he ignored his ‘friend request’. One of his threats allegedly read as follows:


Accept my friend request or I’m going to murder you.


The man from North Dakota, Caleb Burczyk, also proceeded to kick down the front door of his ex-boss’s home. Luckily, nobody was hurt during this bizarre encounter. But the Peshawar resident, 16-year-old Gul Rehman was found dead in Shahpur. Sher Akbar dumped his body in the nearby fields.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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