Waqar Zaka Supports Students’ Protest for Online Exams [Video]

The MVP returns…

Waqar Zaka

Earlier this week, countless students took to social media to protest against on-campus exams. Concerned about their safety and health, many have asked the Minister for Education, Shafqat Mahmood, to mandate online exams. However, some students also took to the streets. This led to action from the police- several students were arrested. Now, the OG is back! Waqar Zaka has taken the responsibility of fighting for the students.


Waqar Zaka


Schools Reopen

Earlier this month, announcements had been made to reopen schools and universities in phases. In the first phase, on January 18th around 300,000 schools, colleges, universities were to reopen. Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said:


All education institutions will reopen in phases, students from grade 8 to 11 will join schools from January 18th, while students in nursery to grade 8 will be back to schools from January 25th.


It was also stated that all educatyional institutes would start physical classes starting from February 1st.


Backlash from students

As universities reopened, many institutes postponed online exams. These tests will now be taken in their respective campuses. However, students stand opposed to the notion. They believe their safety and healthy is being put at stake.

Netizens took to Twitter to express their concerns and demand ‘justice’ for the students. Here’s what some of them had said:




Let the protests begin!

The online backlash was soon taken to the streets. Many students, from all across the country, went out to protest for their rights. Large crowds were gathered on the roads, chanting the words ‘we want justice!’.

However, their protests led to arrests made by the police. Several students faced action from the police, and many were arrested.




Waqar Zaka- The Real MVP!

In a recent video posted by Waqar Zaka, he spoke out in favor of the students. The 34-year-old also said he is going to Lahore court to appeal for the bail of those students were arrested during the protests.

He further added that the problem lies within the system and its policies. Bashing the ‘ratta’ system, he said students wouldn’t take to the streets if the grading system was fair.

Let’s take a look at his video here:



He also added:


It is our country’s youth that helps in growing your number of subscribers. Or followers on Instagram. They are the ones who contribute to most of the revenue made on events – be it an Atif Aslma concert or a Tiktoker’s show.


Watch the full video of Waqar Zaka here:



What do you think of Waqar Zaka taking a stand for Pakistani students? Share your views in the comments section.



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