Pointless Dragging and Messed Up Plot in Latest Tere Bin Episode Irks Viewers


The much-loved drama serial Tere Bin after the chaotic controversial turn in previous episodes has made the fans lose interest in it. Although after a lot of backlashes, the makers of the serial edited the story but made it boring with more than a fair share of flashbacks. Viewers think the creators are pointlessly dragging the serial.

In the latest episode of Tere Bin, the story is stuck in the same spot with the same old flashbacks and Meerab’s futile arrogance and sulking.

Amid all those recurrences, the story just moved ahead with Murstasim’s suspicion of Farukh, the rikshaw wala (Asim Mehmood). The truth almost comes out when Meerab asks Farukh to check if her friend Saba came back from abroad and there he met Murtasim, who begins to connect the dots. He comes home and tells about his encounter and doubts Meerab that she is lying.

And to all our surprise, she denies it and tells a whole lot of lies to the strangers who were helping her.

On the other hand, Murtasim Khan (Wahaj Ali) is putting all the effort to relocate her and still thinks she left him for her ex, Rohail.

This whole messed up story is making people lose interest in this drama as the drama has no steam left to entice the viewers. They just want them to be together again and settle down their so-called problems.

Although the drama has become boring, the audience still waits every Wednesday and Thursday just for this amazing duo with the hope that the story will start anew without flashbacks. Let’s see what transpires in the next episode.

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