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Politician Goes After Comedians For ‘Insulting the Prime Minister’

Now we can’t even take a joke?

A lawmaker, Shaukat Ali wants the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take action against hosts of a political satire show for ‘insulting the Prime Minister’. Looks like he can’t take a joke.

Mustafa Chaudhry and Murtaza Chaudhry host a political satire on Neo TV. The show often involves Mustafa dressing up as political personalities in the show, and mimicking them to hilarious effect.

The lawmaker, who belongs to the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) party, says the two men were insulting Prime Minister Imran Khan. It’s odd how Shaukat Ali is stepping forward to defend Imran Khan’s honor when there’s no indication that the Prime Minister himself took offense here.


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He moved an application to the FIA cybercrime cell, citing a video clip that hints that the Prime Minister is a drug abuser.

The Member of National Assembly (MNA) stated that in the clip Khalid Butt (Murtaza) attempted to portray Imran Khan as an addict injecting drugs into his body and asking his co-host to do so too.

Shaukat Ali asserts that the the clip was based on a ‘lie‘ and ‘accusation‘ with the aim of insulting the leader. The MNA even submitted the show’s script with his application and sought legal action against the show’s hosts and production team.

The Clip in Question

Shaukat Ali specified that the clip ‘insulting PM’ had been broadcast on January 29th at 9:32 pm. The January 29th episode was based on the PM’s speech in Karachi on January 27th.

In his speech, Imran Khan mentions a nurse at the Shaukat Khanum Hospital who tended to him after he fell off the stage at a rally in 2013. He further went on to add that he felt those nurses looked like a ‘hoor‘ (angel). During the time, the Prime Minister was injected with painkillers as he made the statement. It was all in harmless fun of course.

Imran Khan said he was in deep pain due to his injuries, but the Shaukat Khanum Hospital nurse made the pain go away with the injection.

According to SAMAA Digital, Mustafa Chaudhry said neither he nor his team have been notified by FIA of any development.

“We came to know about it through social media,”


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The host claims that although he has faced pressure from political groups or personalities in the past, they didn’t find any political party behind them. He said this is the first time a lawmaker has filed a formal complaint.

“This is the first time it is happening, …In this democratic government, we are facing more pressure.”

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