Popular YouTuber Ducky Bhai Joins MQM Party

He’s now the same thing he criticizes.

In a surprising turn of events, YouTuber Ducky Bhai, also known as Saad Ur Rehman, has made a foray into politics by joining the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) party.

The announcement was made during an MQM rally, where Ducky Bhai was introduced by a party member, highlighting the intent to leverage his substantial online presence for political purposes.

The news has sparked mixed reactions among the public, with many expressing surprise and some voicing disappointment over Ducky Bhai’s new venture into politics.

During the rally, MQM members seemed enthusiastic about having the YouTuber on board, emphasizing the potential to utilize his massive platform, which boasts over 6 million followers on YouTube.

Ducky Bhai, however, appeared to address his fans’ concerns by awkwardly interjecting the announcer’s introduction. He clarified that his primary YouTube channel, with over 6 million subscribers, is dedicated to entertainment content.

He hinted at the possibility of starting a new channel for political content to avoid conflating the two genres. Despite the clarification, some netizens expressed their disappointment, feeling that Ducky Bhai’s move into politics was driven by greed.

One comment reflected a sense of disillusionment, stating,

He’s getting greedy; he’s now the same thing he criticizes. Paise ne badal diya hai isko.

Another comment highlighted the perceived shift from monetary aspirations to a desire for power, stating, “This is how greed works. You get money and then you want more and more. Eventually, you stop wanting money and want power (kursi).”

Ducky Bhai’s unexpected venture into politics has left his fanbase divided, with some questioning his motivations and others expressing concerns about the potential transformation of his content.

As the news circulates, it remains to be seen how this move will impact Ducky Bhai’s online persona and political engagement.