Popular YouTuber Slams PIA as the ‘Worst Airline’ in No-Holds-Barred Review

“PIA, your menu needs a revamp. ✈️”

Canadian-Pakistani YouTuber Bilal Bhatti, aka Golden Gully, declared Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as the worst airline.

From the outdated interior to the undercooked biryani, the popular content creator, famous for his mouthwatering food creations and candid food reviews, shared his brutally honest flight experience aboard PIA, and it’s safe to say he wasn’t impressed.

In his signature no-filter style, he didn’t hold back when it came to pointing out the airline’s shortcomings.

The YouTuber’s grievances began as soon as he settled into his seat, which he described as feeling like “cardboard.” He didn’t mince words when he criticized the airline’s interior, claiming it hadn’t seen an update since the 1970s.

However, it was the in-flight meal that deeply disappointed Bilal. He unleashed his critique on everything from the undercooked biryani rice to the stale bread, which he humorously claimed could “break” his mother’s teeth.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect for him was the chai. According to Bilal, the staff failed to boil the tea with milk, forcing him to add cream afterward, which he considered a major faux pas.

It seems Bilal’s ready to step in and save the day with his culinary prowess. In true Golden Gully style, he offered his expertise and services to the airline, saying,

Hit me up PIA. Your menu needs a revamp. ✈️

PIA may want to consider taking him up on his offer to give their in-flight dining experience a much-needed makeover.

Golden Gully, who boasts over 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and has gained fame for promoting Pakistani cuisine.

The Canadian-Pakistani TikTok and YouTube sensation has earned a global fan base with his delectable food creations and fearless food reviews. He’s even caught the attention of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay with his culinary skills on TikTok.


  1. what’s new is everyone hates Airline because want are airline like every other airline in the world

  2. Privatization of PIA things shall settle but YouTubers always negative because people like and read if they say anything positive people never to watch sad story of these YouTubers

  3. No way we have just travelled to and from Lahore Baku .proud to fly by Beloved Pakistan airlines unforgettable
    Loving hospitality .food excellent.travel history From 1981 till this year..more than 4 decades PIA stands .on top countless tubers are there one cant defame our national carrier …Yaqub javed kamyana sr journalist 03009497766.

  4. Interior Condition of plane is not so good agreed but landing, taking over, smooth flight and food is Excellant.

  5. I fly regularly with PIA from Toronto to Lahore it’s OKAY for the price we pay Actually the food is always good