Pucker Up: Chinese Man Invents Long-Distance Kissing Machine

Creepy or romantic?

In the latest technological innovation to emerge from China, a start-up has developed a device that allows long-distance lovers to feel like they’re kissing in the same room – even when they’re miles apart.

Inspired by the lockdown isolation experienced by many couples during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘MUA’ is a creepy silicon lip device that allows long-distance lovers to keep in touch by transmitting users’ kiss data collected through motion sensors.

The bizarre invention has sparked some hilarious reactions online as several users have pointed out that the device looks suspiciously like a sex toy, while others have joked that people are probably gonna use it for “other activities” besides kissing.

The inventor of the MUA is Zhao Jianbo, who revealed the inspiration behind his bizarre invention was due to China’s strict three-year COVID-19 lockdown period. He added that within two weeks, his start-up firm has sold more than 3,000 devices and has received over 20,000 orders, with the only complaint being the device’s “lack of tongue”.

The MUA is a mobile stand with an “almost” realistic pursed lips protruding from the front. Before you pucker up, the two lonely lovers have to download its app on their smartphones and pair the kissing device, because let’s face it, we don’t wouldn’t want to be kissing some unknown stranger halfway around the world.

The device needs to be charged like a phone, and it comes in several different colors with the same unisex lips. What’s more creepy about this device is that when activated, the ‘MUA kisses back!

While the MUA has been touted as a romantic tool for couples who are physically separated, it has also sparked some hilarious reactions online. Many people have implied that users may buy the device for other sexually explicit reasons.

The MUA remains a source of amusement and confusion for people around the world. Whether it will become a popular gift for romantic occasions or a novelty item for bachelorette parties remains to be seen.