Rabi Peerzada to Leave for Umrah after Quitting Showbiz

A permanent break?

rabi peerzada

Rabi Peerzada recently announced that she will be quitting showbiz after her private photos and videos were leaked onto the internet. Shortly after, she also announced that after counsel and advice from her family and friends, she has decided to go to Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah.

Rabi Peerzada’s private videos and photos were recently spread around the internet.


Rabi Pirzada Wants FIA to Remove Her Leaked Videos


Revenge porn in the digital age

According to the singer and actress, the data was released by the telephone company to whom she returned her old phone after it had stopped functioning. She was given a new phone. However, her videos and photos were acquired from her old phone and leaked on the internet.
Revenge porn is becoming an alarmingly serious issue in Pakistan, where a victim’s intimate photographs are released without their consent for purposes of blackmail or public defamation. Numerous women are affected by this where their self-respect and privacy are put on the line and used against them.


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FIA and PTA called on to take action

Rabi Peerzada took her case to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing, where she filed a complaint against the perpetrator of this crime and requested the FI to remove her photos and videos from the internet.

The FIA has started investigating the matter currently. Rabi will also be reaching out to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to restrict the photos from further being spread and uploaded.


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