Rabi Pirzada Wants FIA to Remove Her Leaked Videos

Is it possible?

rabi peerzada

Singer Rabi Pirzada has gotten into a bit of a controversy. As everyone knows, a video was leaked of the singer as she was “dancing” in an inappropriate “outfit”.

The backlash from that incident was too much that it led Rabi to announce her departure from showbiz.

Putting Out The Fire

The video in question went viral and sparked an outrage from the public due to the explicit nature of the content. Rabi Pirzada faced backlash from the public for her behavior.

In an attempt to contain the damage caused by the video, Pirzada requested the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cyber-crime wing to help remove her private pictures and videos from social media.

She’s Got A Point

The singer’s request is valid as sharing leaked or private videos is a criminal act under PECA.

Pirzada’s petition on Tuesday cited problems she and her family were facing. However, FIA claimed that it was the job of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to remove the content from the internet and not theirs.

Rabi Pirzada’s woes continue as FIA forwarded her petition to the telecommunication regulator. The singer will have to wait a little bit more to have her private pictures and videos removed from the internet.


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Rabi Pirzada Quits Showbiz

The leaked videos forced Rabi Pirzada to quit showbiz, tweeting that she was putting an end to her career and avoid the public embarrassment those videos have caused her and her family.

She said:

“I, Rabi Pirzada am quitting showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins. And soften the hearts of people in my favor.”

Moral Of The Story

Let’s hope the fans forgive and she can overcome this controversy.

There’s a lesson for everyone here. Given the proliferation of video-recording cellphones and the primacy of internet connectivity in our lives, no one’s personal data is safe. A person’s most intimate moments could somehow end up on the internet, with or without their consent.

Folks, stop making explicit videos on your phones. Has no one seen Black Mirror?


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Written by Sher Alam


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