Hareem Shah Denies Leaking Shaheen Afridi’s Controversial Video

She says she doesn’t even have a Twitter account.

Shaheen Afridi - Hareem Shah

Tik-Tok’s Hareem Shah is stirring up controversy after controversy and making headlines. Now the social media star is accused of releasing an inappropriate video call of Shaheen Afridi.

Hareem Shah Twitter
Viral video of Shaheen Afridi

Hareem Shah claims that someone was pretending to be her in that video of Shaheen Afridi. Both Hareem and her sidekick Sandal Khattak claim that they don’t have Twitter accounts. They’re only on TikTok and Instagram.


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The controversy

The video clip of someone pretended to be Hareem Shah shows the cricketer behaving inappropriately during a video call. Of course, it is making rounds on Twitter.

It was actually the message with the posted video that gathered a lot of attention. At first, people thought that Hareem Shah is just trolling people or pulling a prank based on the tweets.

The tweets threatened politicians of circumstances Shaheen Afridi is currently in.

Tweets from @iHareemShah



People have been paralleling another case of revenge porn with Rabi Peerzada. Understanding that both cases are a violation of Pakistan’s cyber laws is necessary before going in to bash the victims.

Netizens still rolled out plenty of memes.



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That doesn’t stop the conspiracy theories from rolling in.




One of the purposes of creating cyber laws was to prevent instances of cyberbullying and revenge porn. Yet, despite the necessary laws in place these incidents run rampant.

Awareness around cyber laws is necessary to curb such behavior. Without the necessary social attitude towards harassment online, particularly revenge porn we can’t clamp down on this crime.

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