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Rabi Pirzada’s Cousin Exposes the Ones Who Leaked Her Videos

The end?

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It’s almost been a year since Rabi Pirzada’s personal photos and videos were leaked. It stirred up a huge controversy and later she decided to quit showbiz.

At that time, Rabi didn’t disclose the identities of the ones who dug the dirt on her. However, now her cousin has revealed everything about them.

Apparently, those people were harassing her and they started doing it again. But Rabi’s cousin has had enough of their malicious tricks and she has revealed all the details about the harassers.

She shared the details on Rabi Pirzada’s Instagram profile while she was asleep.

“Note these numbers before she deletes these messages. I am sick and tired for this. Enough. We must speak. She must speak. Rabi took all blame on herself. You trolled her tortured her, for wat? For her being a Muslim,” she wrote.

She shared the names and contact numbers of those who have done Rabi wrong.

“They all did this to her. And she was hiding. Hiding a harassment. Enough Rabi. I am sorry for doing this without ur consent but i must. I cried for u. For the crime u didn’t commit.But kab tak. Lemme expose all who did this to u. They were the ones who did this to you.”


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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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