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Rashid Mahmood Forgives PTV Over Wrong Cheque Fiasco [Video]

All’s well that ends well.

Rashid Mahmood

PTV has sent another check to Pride of Performance recipient Rashid Mahmood. This time, they have revised the amount of 620 and have cleared all the misunderstanding that happened between them and the actor.

According to the television network, it was due to a clerical mistake. PTV came forward and admitted their fault and said that they will prepare a new check soon.

Last evening, Rashid Mahmood took to his Twitter and shared that he has received a new check of Rs. 9600 for reciting Mir Anees’ marsiya for Muharram. The senior actor also said that he has framed the check in his drawing room and will never work for the channel again.

PTV on the other hand shared a statement of the actor where he thanked his fans for their support. Rashid sahab also said that he accepts the apology of MD PTV Aamer Manzoor and is over it.

“My reaction was natural but I have been told by the PTV Management that it was because of some confusion, so I am over this”, the caption read.

Rashid Mahmood’s recitation for the marsiya was recorded in 2018 and he was paid for it now. Not only that, the amount he was paid before was considered quite disrespectful, given his services for PTV and the country.


PTV Claims They Sent the Wrong Cheque to Rashid Mahmood

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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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  1. How PTV can make these huge blundders and just say it was a clerical mistake. What if it was 620 millions written mistakenly on the check?

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