Registered Animal Rights NGO Confirms Kitten ‘Rape’ Story Was Fabricated [Video]

In an era of fake news, it pays to listen to experts.

kitten 'rape'

Videos and pictures from the kitten ‘rape’ story, posted by JFK Animal Rescue in Lahore, shocked the whole nation. Everyone was adamant to bring justice to the kitten. However, new evidence provided by Todd’s Welfare Society (TWS) confirmed there were no traces of any sort of sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse against the helpless has left us devastated for decades on end, and it continues to grow. So the outrage that this story received was already anticipated, to say the least. But a vet recently revealed it was he who treated the kitten and never saw any sign of sexual abuse.

After examining the cat we found out that the kitten’s bladder was swollen. I told them it has some problems in its urinary bladder.

Dr. Khalil has also given his statement to the FIA and the police. He also mentioned that he diagnosed the kitten as either having anal prolapse or a severe infection which led to urinary blockage.

When they told me they feared this is a case of animal abuse, I told them it isn’t.

The animal that was present had no evidence of abuse.

The vet further told TWS that the lady from JFK still wanted him to write down sexual abuse as a possibility, to which he refused.

The blood was actually urine, it was blood stained because of the infection.

After repeated requests, Dr. Khalil told the owner of JFK Animal rescue that he would not report anything that is false and does not go with the evidence. Let’s take a look at the video:



With fake news spreading as it did, this puts many animal rights activists at risk. Perhaps fact-checking and getting to the bottom of things could have saved us all the trouble.

While bestiality is a fact of life, we really need to be open to suggestions especially if they’re coming from experts and professionals.

This story of kitten ‘rape’ was not real, but we hope it doesn’t jeopardize any future efforts from animal rescue centers.



Fake News: ‘Sexually Assaulted’ Kitten Died of Infection Not Rape

Written by Lens Staff


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