Fake News: ‘Sexually Assaulted’ Kitten Died of Infection Not Rape

A step-by-step analysis of how people were fooled.

kitten 'rape'

A few days back, Pakistanis were in shock over a news item. Viral pictures and the story of a teenager sexually assaulting and gang-raping a kitten in Lahore spread like a wildfire all over the internet. Everyone was angry and disgusted, and rightfully so. New information that has come to light suggests that the whole story was fake.

Now, we are not saying these things don’t happen at all. But in this particular instance, that’s not exactly what happened here.

Recently, a Twitter user, who has worked for animal care in Lahore, revealed how this story had a lot of issues from the beginning.

First, let us take a look at the original story, which was run by JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter. Please be warned that this video is not meant for the faint of heart, so trigger warning.

Why this story seems fake?

There are many issues regarding the sources and evidence that are nowhere to be found in the case of the sexually harassed kitten.

She narrated the whole story in the first post like she was there, and claimed in so many clear words that the kitten in the pictures was raped and her genitals were torn open.

Furthermore, it was alleged that the evidence provided by her was false and did not match up. Sharing the picture that was supposed to be the ‘semen’ that came out of the kitten, Umer, who has also worked for animal care services, had this to say:

This is the picture which she claimed was of the semen that came out of kitten’s anus. Now, first of all, even in a human rape case, semen is never recovered in this form. There are always just traces left and they are only taken with a swab and then confirmed through lab tests.



As for the ‘proof of blood and semen’ that was extracted from the cat, he said:

As someone who has a cat and has been going to vets since childhood, even I know what this is; post infection serum, a clear sign of abscess.



He reported that the kitten had signs of diarrhea and infection, not of rape.

Even with an adult cat if something like this was to happen, the blood vessels would burst, internal organs would get damaged and the cat would die in a few minute. This again, was a kitten.



He also mentioned that he shared the videos and pictures with many vets, who agreed it did not look like a rape case. The only explanation all of the vets had was that it is a case of a bad infection.


The thing to note here is, that all these things were claimed in the post by the words of a vet too. The vet who’s unknown, and no information is shared regarding him. Having said that, no vet is qualified enough to claim this since this is a matter for a forensic expert.


JFK Animal Care responds to allegations

After all the attention that the videos and pictures received, the woman behind the story made videos providing the viewers with more evidence. She explained how the news was reported to her by someone else, and she shared the story as she was told.




Now, we don’t have to be rocket scientists to realize this is a classic tale of ‘he said, she said.’ However, with all the evil that is already present in this world, kudos to this guy for putting things in perspective for everyone. Here’s the whole thread that was posted by him:



Instead of taking responsibility for their actions and spreading a false rumor, JFK Animal Rescue tried to spin facts. They hold Waqar Zaka responsible for getting involved and ‘twisting‘ their stories.

Not only that, but they still stand by their claim that the cat was sexually assaulted. All of this without any professional reports or someone to validate their statements.

What is even more frustrating is that someone who stands for animal rights has now reported that the very kitten has gone missing. We’re really not sure that sounds very convincing.




We know that the world is capable of a lot worse and that there are numerous accounts of sexual abuse against animals. If anything, concocting false stories like these actually sets back the cause of animal rights.

But this story of a teenage boy sexually assaulting a kitten does not make sense. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

Credits: Umer_RPK


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